April 2011

Recruitment in INDIA

Mr Arulampalam, has been clinical lead for the Anglia Ruskin University masters programme in minimally invasive and robotic surgery. The programme is in the recruitment phase and Mr. Arulampalam will be in Cochin, Delhi, Chandrigarh amongst other venues to promote this exiting and innovative course. The programme is a collaboration between partners in the Anglia Ruskin University Postgraduate Medical Institute. Recruitment will be for September 2011 and any interested party should contact Naomi Hill at naomi.hill@icenicentre.org

Easter Break

Mr Arulampalam will be taking a short break during the Easter holidays. The Office will be staffed on working days and any urgent medical enquiries should be directed to the Oaks Hospital.

Robotic Surgery

The Colchester Robotic Surgery User group has been expanded to encompass any partner in the PMI who has an interest in robotic surgery. This will help build clinicsl coherence to any business case for the purchase of a robot and will focus on maximum utilization of the available resource. This is an ongoing project for 2011