Television & Film

I am a general surgical advisor to BBC television drama for Holby City. I have been involved in this medical drama for over eight years and have worked on eight series so far. The programme is a regular prime time fixture and attracts upto 9 million viewers. I am involved in the whole process from story ideas through to reading scripts. I attend regular medical meetings with the full production team and advise on set for theatre scenes. I have also advised on Messiah III, Dalziel and Pascoe and productions for Thames. I have worked with independent production companies including Talkback Thames, kudos (LAW & ORDER:UK) and Carnival productions (Harley Street). I have helped the GMC write an article on guidance for media advisors.

I am able to provide medical advice for television, film and the worldwide web. This may be production (concepts, story ideas, script authentification) and cutting room advice as well as on set logistics. The service extends to a package for all of the above plus sourcing medical equipment and locations.

I have acted as a medical consultant for an health information company (Encyclomedica) which compiled a database of medical articles for the world-wide web and digital television. The objective was to produce a resource that was accessible to and easily understood by the public as well as healthcare professionals. I have completed a project for PPP Healthcare (2001), producing surgical factsheets for its Internet site ( )